Celebrity Wedding – Seth Green and Clare Grant

Seth Green (actor-producer) and Clare Grant (actress) were married on Saturday, May 1, 2010 at a private vineyard in Northern California just outside of San Francisco.

According to People, the two became friends in 2007, began dating in 2008 and just a couple of years later were walking down the aisle to say ‘I do’!  Reportedly, the couple actually met at a comic book store and then were engaged on New Years Eve in 2009.

The bride wore a tiered Oscar de la Renta gown and a headpiece designed by Tarina Tarantino.  Barry Jay Jewelers designed Clare’s engagement and wedding rings.  The groom wore a custom-made suit by Dennis Kim and cufflinks also by Tarina Tarantino.

Officiating at the wedding was Craig Brewer, who cast Clare in a number of indie films and the starring role in his MTV series $5 Cover.  Fellow celebrity Weird Al Yankovic who was also in attendance tweeted, “Just watched my buddy Seth Green get married.  Beautiful wedding.  Much love to him and his lovely bride Clare.”

The couple released in a statement saying, “We can’t believe we found each other.  We’ve never been happier!”


Our Wedding

We’ve just passed the year and a half mark since our wedding, and boy has it flown by!  So I thought now would be a good time to share a little bit about our special day.

It all started in second grade when Chris told me he liked me, I told him I hated him and made him cry.  I never got in trouble at school, so it was a big deal when I got called up by the teacher and told I needed to apologize to Chris.  Who would’ve thought we would be getting married 16 years later! 🙂

Chris and I were married on Friday, October 24, 2008 and it was a beautiful fall day!  Our ceremony took place in Greenford, Ohio and our reception was at The Links at Firestone Farms in Columbiana, Ohio.  The color palate I chose was dark brown and rust.  To most modern brides, our wedding was planned on a tight budget, but in my opinion, not many could tell!  I used  some crafty budgeting and a lot of creativity to plan a wedding that still had those special touches. 

Each ceremony program was handmade with scrapbook paper, cardstock and ribbon.  With careful planning (and A LOT of free help from my family!) the programs turned out beautiful.  My bridesmaids wore tea-length, a-line, rust dresses and the men looked dapper in their dark brown tuxedos with rust accents!

A last-minute addition to the ceremony was the purchase made for our “send-off.”   Most churches or other ceremony venues aren’t too keen on the idea of cleaning up after your rice, birdseed, etc.   So these colorful streamer throws were perfect!  They come in a clear plastic bubble, but the streamers stay attached to the part you hold in your hand.  So clean up’s a snap!

Even our cake was done on a budget, but that doesn’t mean we had to sacrifice on looks or taste.  For the cake flavor, we chose pumpkin with cream cheese filling….imagine one big pumpkin roll!  The fondant color was matched to my dress and was finished off in ribbon and fall colored flowers. 

The Asian-inspired centerpieces consisted of pillar vases in varying sizes, silk flowers, river rocks and floating candles.  With the flowers being submerged, using silk flowers guaranteed they would look great throughout the whole reception and was also another cost-effective way to stay within our budget.  And no one could even tell they were fake!

Another personal touch I included was the candy buffet.  I love sweets so much that I have a saying…if it has fruit in it, it’s not dessert!  To keep the table looking elegant, I chose candy that stayed within the same shade: brown.  At first you would think this would limit your candy options to chocolate, but that wasn’t so.  I chose an assortment of candy that included:  chocolate covered gummy bears, rootbeer gumballs, jelly beans, malted balls, licorice and a lot more! 

 I also purchased ivory Chinese takeout containers for hardly any money and then designed and printed customized labels with our names and wedding date.  For the assorted glass containers, I visited craft stores and only purchased them with a 50% off coupon that came in the weekly newspaper.  To add interest to the display, I also purchased a few acrylic risers so not all of the containers were on the same level.  For the scoops, I bought plain, clear, acrylic ones and personalized them by wrapping the handles in ribbon and adding sparkly leaf charms.

Another good way to keep a “wedding on a budget” personal is to incorporate your family or cultural traditions.  That is why we decided to include the Italian Cake March in our ceremony.  Although no one in the bridal party really knew what they were doing, it was a blast!  And free!


Well, I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek into our special day.  Our wedding was  an unforgetable and wonderful day spent celebrating with friends and family.  I hope your wedding is just the same!  And don’t forget, planning your dream wedding on a budget is possible–be sure to list the elements of a wedding that you feel are required and then prioritize from there. 

For more great tips and advice, be sure to check back!  Feel free to contact me at kristendelvaux@hotmail.com.