Wedding Trends – Sustainable Weddings

As a wedding coordinator, it’s important to know what trends are on their way to the top.  Here is just one of the most current wedding trends.

It seems as if everything is “going green” these days, so why would weddings be any different?  According to Kate Harrison, author of The Green Bride Guide, “The average wedding produces 400-600 pounds of garbage and 63 tons of CO2.”  What a startling statistic!

The good news is there are several ways for a bride and groom to reduce their carbon footprint while planning their wedding.  One way of doing this is by replacing conventional flowers (which are grown with pesticides) with DIY recycled paper flowers or soy candles and fruit.   Another good way to support the sustainable wedding trend is by renting wedding decorations and purchasing gently used bridesmaid dresses.  Recycling materials for a second use results in less waste later.  Or, if you do decide to go new, how about utilizing companies that produce eco-friendly products like the garters made from recycled plastic bottles by Julianne Smith (The Garter Girl)? it comes to wedding favors, make a donation to your favorite environmental organization and use plantable paper for your invitations and place cards.  Forever Fiances has a wonderful selection of eco-friendly and plantable stationary.  Or, forego the RSVP card portion of the invitations altogether and have guests respond virtually either via website or e-mail.  

Something as simple as keeping your wedding local can have a major positive effect.  By having a backyard wedding or keeping the festivities at one location cuts down on travel for you and your guests and therefore, cuts down harmful emissions.  Many caterers will even use meat and produce from local farmers and markets at your request.

Obviously, there are endless ways to make your wedding a little better for the environment!  Have fun with it!