Easy Party Must Haves

The holidays may be over, but there is always a reason to plan a party! How can you put together a themed party without a ton of effort? Here are three must-have elements for any event.

Being that we’re smack dab in the middle of award show season, we can use an award show viewing party as a sample theme. Your themed party must have:

1. A Signature Drink
A signature drink at a party is something simple and can actually save you time and money. Think about it–instead of stocking a full bar, you can have some wine, beer and your signature drink. No one will be stuck behind the bar all night and your guests won’t make a mess by attempting “DIY” concoctions. Make a large batch of a drink and put it in a festive container that goes along with your theme. Then set out the appropriate glasses, already garnished. And don’t forget a clever name displayed on a cute sign. How about the Gummy Grammy Spritzer? 1 part flavored vodka (red licorice or gummy), 2 parts club soda, splash of cranberry juice and garnish with your favorite gummy candy or a licorice straw. Or what about the “Graham”ophone? 3 parts marshmallow vodka, 2 parts chocolate vodka, and garnish with mini marshmallows on a skewer and a graham cracker rim.

2. A Tablescape
Even if your event won’t have an actual sit down meal, there will at least be an area where the food will be displayed. It all goes back to your theme, in this example the Grammy Awards. With a sit down meal, you could use clear plates (they even make some really nice looking plastic disposable ones now) with sheet music underneath it. Whether or not you are doing a sit down meal, pieces of sheet music can also be rolled (like a diploma) or made into flowers and arranged in clear cylinder or rectangular vases for centerpieces. If you’re looking for more versatile decor, make paper garland out the sheet music in pennant shapes and use it as a table runner or hang it from the ceiling or door frames.

3. A Party Favor
It doesn’t have to be expensive, but again it must go with the theme. How you present the favor is just as important as the gift itself. This simple gesture instantly makes your party the “it” event. Wine charms are always an easy DIY project for party favors. All you need are some clasped loops or some wire, beads and some charms in your theme. Put them in a little organza bag and you’ve got yourself a favor!

There you have it–you’re well on your way to the perfect party! Happy planning!