Busting Three Myths: Why You Think You Don’t Need to Hire a Wedding Coordinator

1. ‘A wedding coordinator is only for the rich and famous.’ Image
Sure, wedding coordinators may have started out that way, but for a stress-free wedding day, hiring a wedding coordinator is essential. If you are concerned you cannot afford one, at least do the research and then make a decision. Some wedding coordinators charge a flat fee or a percentage of your wedding budget. But, you will want to find one that can customize her offerings to exactly what you want so that you are only paying for what you need. Maybe you are doing the majority of the planning and just need her to come in during the last few months, tie up the loose ends and be there to run the rehearsal and ceremony. Even if the wedding coordinator offers wedding packages, see if she would be willing to do a custom package and pricing to ensure you get exactly what you want and need.

In addition, a wedding coordinator can actually save you money. Yes, I will say it again: a wedding coordinator can SAVE you money. If nothing else, the savings you can get by booking your other vendors through the wedding coordinator you hired may actually pay for the wedding coordinator making the decision to hire one a no-brainer. 

2. ‘My venue already has a wedding coordinator.’
Keep in mind that the main responsibility of the coordinator at the venue is the venue itself, not you. Yes, they will be helpful with versing you on their policies, menu choices and general room setup. However, they are not going to be concerned with making sure your unity candle and guestbook are packed up after the ceremony, whether the limo drive knows when and where to pick up the bridal party or if the boutonnieres are pinned onto the groomsmen. A professional wedding coordinator can be your personal assistant for the day, taking care of all the tasks you would otherwise stress about. 

3. ‘My maid of honor, aunt, cousin, etc. is filling in as my wedding coordinator.’
While a friend or family member may say she is willing to fill in for the day, it is really not the best idea. Although she may be super organized and task-oriented, she is not trained and does not have the experience of a professional wedding coordinator. In addition, she will not be able to relax and enjoy the day herself. Using a friend or family member can also leave a lot of gray area as opposed to if you hire a professional wedding coordinator, there will be a contract or formal agreement in place. Finally, using a friend or family member to fill in as your wedding coordinator can put a lot of unnecessary stress on your relationship, possibly damaging the relationship permanently. 

When it comes to coordinating your big day, leave it to the professionals at Delvaux Wedding & Event Planning. We would love to be your wedding coordinator! Contact us now for your free initial consultation.