Top 3 Tips for a Smooth Wedding Rehearsal

The majority of the time, a wedding rehearsal becomes a last minute afterthought once most of the wedding preparation is complete. However, spending just a little time planning for the rehearsal itself ensures a seamless wedding ceremony. Here are 3 tips for a smooth wedding rehearsal.

1.  Send an invitation to anyone involved in the ceremony.
No, it does not have to be some big, fancy invite. Ideally, you could print out a nice information card and include it with the wedding invitations of the appropriate people. If your wedding invitations have already gone out, a nice e-invite will even do the trick. Having something in writing will reduce the stress of making sure everyone knows where and when it will take place and also this allows them to make the proper travel and work arrangements. In addition to the bridal party, be sure to include the officiant, any friends or family that may have children in the wedding, guests of honor (grandparents, etc.), ushers, readers and musicians. 

2. Plan the lineup in advance.
It is probably close to the last thing on your mind, but organizing how your bridal party will stand around you on your big day will be a huge help to everyone involved. Hopefully you have an idea of what type of space the ceremony will take place in before the day of the rehearsal. Decide whether you want the groomsman on one side and the bridesmaids on the other or if would rather have couples staggered around you. Either way, height usually comes into play when arranging the bridal party. Since the rehearsal will probably be the first time you have everyone in front of you at the same time, plan ahead as best you can. Once the rehearsal has started and everyone is lined up, take a step back and see how it looks. Hopefully it is just a matter of a few simple swaps, if any are needed at all. It can end up being a real time saver, which brings us to our final tip.

3. Keep the wedding rehearsal short.
A wedding rehearsal should not be much longer than an hour. The main purpose is to make sure everyone knows where they need to be at the correct time before, during and after the ceremony. In addition to having everyone walking down the aisle, readers can also run through their part to know where they stand and to get comfortable with the microphone if one will be used. If time allows, any musicians that may be involved can also run through their songs. If you anticipate being pressed for time, why not have them run through the music just before the scheduled rehearsal begins? Then once everyone is there, they just need to know where they fall into the ceremony schedule. If a rehearsal runs too long, most people get restless and things can get chaotic. Plus, everyone is looking forward to the yummy dinner that follows. 🙂

If you need help organizing your wedding rehearsal or any other part of your wedding, leave it to Delvaux Wedding & Event Planning. Contact us now for more information!


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