Wedding Invite Etiquette 101

Among all the moving parts of a wedding, sending the invites should be one of the easiest tasks, right? Sometimes the wedding etiquette rules can become blurred, ESPECIALLY when sending the invitations. Let’s clear some of the confusion by reviewing three of my wedding invite etiquette guidelines.

(Photo by Scarpaci Photography)

1. Anyone invited to a pre-wedding party, must be invited to the wedding.
This rule includes engagement and bachelor(ette) parties, as well as any wedding showers (unless it’s an office shower). I recommend you keep this rule in mind while planning your pre-wedding celebrations. After all, these get-togethers are supposed to be more intimate in nature anyway. While planning these pre-wedding parties, you may not have your wedding guest list complete, but you probably at least of have an idea of how big or small you want your wedding to be depending on your budget and venue capacity.

2. When having an adults-only reception, do not put “adult reception” on the invitation.
I know we have all seen it on wedding invitations we’ve received, but wording the invitation that way is a little harsh. The correct way of making it known that children are not invited to the wedding is to properly address the invitation envelopes and by using word-of-mouth. Hopefully, guests will realize that the envelope is only addressed to the Mr. and Mrs. of the house and does not include “and Family” but what if they don’t? If you receive an RSVP response for three guests when only two guests were invited, it’s time to start making some phone calls. I can almost guarantee you that this will happen, but if you worried about following proper wedding invite etiquette, it’s something that has to be done. Your guests may be upset, but try to explain the situation to them in the nicest way possible and do not make any exceptions because it will only make it harder to explain it away to other guests–and this time it will be done on your wedding day!

3. Significant others of invited guests must be included if they are married, engaged or living together.
If a couple is engaged but not living together, be sure to send out separate invitations to each individual. What about your single friends and family members? While it is a VERY nice and probably appreciated gesture, it is not mandatory to offer them a plus-one for your wedding. When it comes to this dicey area, use common sense. In other words, if you have a guest that has been dating someone for years but they are not engaged or living together, it would be wise to include them both as your wedding guests.

I hope these rules have cleared up some things for all of you beautiful brides out there! If you have other etiquette questions, feel free to contact Delvaux Wedding & Event Planning directly, or leave your question on our Facebook page. You can also tweet your question to @DelvauxWeddings.


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