Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Your Wedding Registry

Do's and Don'ts of Creating Your Wedding Registry
It turned out that registering for our wedding was a lot less fun than we thought it would be. In the end, we made it work and accomplished the mission, but I’ve decided to share some do’s and don’ts of registering so you can hopefully avoid our misery.

1. Do discuss a plan before you go.
The stores that are well-known for wedding registries will supply you with a suggestion list. But let’s be honest, do you really need ALL your table settings AND a full set of crystal and china? Discussing your expectations ahead of time with your soon-to-be spouse can prevent some uncomfortable bickering once you’re in the store. You’ll also want to discuss a healthy balance of fun and function. (Maybe an iced tea maker really isn’t all that important to you, but your mate would love it and use it daily.)

2. Don’t register on an empty stomach.
If you’re anything like me, a hungry Kristen is a grumpy Kristen. (Luckily my hubby has learned this very early on.) Why not make registering more like a date rather than a chore? Grab some brunch beforehand, head to your shopping destination and then celebrate afterwards with a couple of beers!

3. Do break down registering into several, smaller trips.
I think this ended up being the key to our success, but it was something we had to learn as we went. Between my husband’s short attention span and my ABSOLUTE HATRED of shopping, we were going a little bonkers after about an hour and a half of browsing. We were lucky enough to register all at one store and the staff was actually really good about letting us return one or two more times to finish everything up. If you are registering at more than one store, limit your registering to one store per day.

I hope our learning experience while registering for our own wedding can help you in some way. Happy scanning!


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