Welcome Bags for Out of Town Wedding Guests

Everything is in place for your big day–flowers, cake, music, favors, etc. One last detail that could really make the weekend special for your guests are welcome bags to greet them at the hotel check-in desk. Most hotels will gladly keep these bags behind the desk and present them to any guest that is checking in under your block of rooms. (I suggest calling the hotel ahead of time to confirm this before you go through any trouble.) But, what should make up these out of town (or OOT) guest bags? Keep reading to find out!

1. Presentation
Let’s start with the packaging. You could easily find some craft paper gift bags for a reasonable price either online or at a craft store. If you have a certain theme for your wedding, think about stamping the bags with either a shape, object or even you new last name monogram to really personalize it. I was able to find recycled canvas bags for not much more than a gift bag, so I stenciled the bride and groom’s love bird theme in their wedding colors on each bag. Also, just because I’m calling it a “welcome bag”, don’t feel like you have to use a bag at all. There are always other options, like a cute, small hat box or a basket.

Welcome Bags for Out of Town Wedding Guests
2. Snacks
Be sure to include a variety of snacks–both salty and sweet. I also like to include breakfast or granola bars that the guests can easily tote along with them in their purse or car. Don’t forget a couple bottles of water, convenient (and high quality) instant coffee (think Starbucks Via), a couple teabags and gum and/or mints. Whenever possible, include snacks that are native to the geographical area. Maybe there is a local candy shop that makes amazing individually wrapped truffles. Or perhaps there’s a nut shop down the road that has the freshest roasted almonds.

3. Important Information
Although the welcome bags are meant to be fun, they can also be very useful! Don’t forget to include a schedule of events for the weekend including the times and locations of the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception (just in case someone forgot the invite back home.) If there will be transportation from the hotel, also include when that will be available and whether it is necessary for the guests to call and request a pickup. 

Of course if you really wanted to go all out with the welcome bags you could. Other fun things to include would be a nice bottle of wine and extra amenities such as sunscreen and aloe vera (for example, for a destination wedding). The options really are endless–it just depends on how many guests you have and your budget. 

Comment below with your suggestions on what to include in welcome bags for out of town wedding guests. And as always, don’t hesitate to contact Delvaux Wedding & Event Planning for all your wedding and event needs!


Easy Fourth of July Bash

With Fourth of July this weekend, I am sure we’ll all be either hosting a picnic or heading over to one. I thought I would include a few ideas that you can do last minute to make the guests feel extra patriotic and festive.

Do you remember those Rocket Pops from childhood? You know the ones that are layered in red, white and blue? What if I told you could recreate those, but in drink form? All it takes are a few ingredients and a little science. When you’re shopping for the ingredients, keep an eye on the colors and sugar content of the pops and juices because it’s the sugar content that will keep the colors separated in your glass. The drink with the highest sugar content needs to go into your glass first, followed by the remaining two drinks in descending order.


Of course there is always the adult version of the drink using Grenadine, Blue Curacao and vodka (or cream). Personally, I would try using a lemon vodka, but you probably could use just about anything here and it would be yummy.

The perfect garnish for either of these drinks is a firework straw. You can either pick these up at a party store or online if you have enough time. OR you can have the kids make them! All you need are straws, some metallic tinsel in the color of your choice and some hot glue. (Just be sure not to melt your straw!) There is a great tutorial for making these that you can find here.


Tables for the Fourth of July celebration can easily be incorporated into the theme by purchasing red, white and blue cutlery, plates and napkins. (Keep your cups clear so you can show off those pretty layered drinks!) Use stars and stripes scrapbooking or wrapping paper to wrap up old coffee cans or containers to hold your supplies and condiments. Red, white or blue bandanas washed several times are a great way to incorporate a rustic feel to your get-together. Simple vases or jars with floating star candles are another easy, great idea.


The main thing to keep in mind is to look around at what you already have. You may have most of what you need!

Stressing out about your next event? Don’t! For personalized ideas and more, contact Delvaux Wedding & Event Planning.