How to be the Best Bridesmaid Possible

Maybe you are a professional bridesmaid at this point or perhaps you have your first bridesmaid duty coming up. Either way, we could all use some tips on how to help make the bride the happiest she can be leading up to and on her big day.

Photo Credit: Photography by Dave and Chrissy

Photo Credit: Photography by Dave and Chrissy

Only accept if you are financially willing and able to participate.
Even if you haven’t been a bridesmaid before, you know that there are expenses involved. Consider all costs possible: engagement party, shower(s), bachelorette party, dress, makeup, hair, nails, travel and then gifts for all of the events as well. Once you hit a certain age, you can expect to be in at least a few weddings. I suggest that once you have a steady job, you create a special account just for weddings. Each month, setup an automatic transfer from your main account into this account so wedding events never take you by surprise.

Always agree with the bride.
Whether it’s about your bridesmaid dress, how she wants you to wear your hair or the groomsmen she has partnered you with, just go with the flow. I KNOW this is easier said than done. But trust me, all the bride wants is for you to be as excited about every aspect of her wedding as she is, so really make an effort to do so.

Be prompt for everything.
There is nothing worst for a bride than feeling like she can’t rely on the women she chose to stand with her on her wedding day. If the bride or maid of honor has requested a deadline (ie: dress ordering) or payment for something (ie: shower/bachelorette party), do it as soon as possible. The same goes for returned wedding RSVPs–just because you are in the wedding, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be courteous and mail in your response for you and your guest. Being prompt also goes for the wedding events. Being late just adds unnecessary stress for the bride and groom.

Be self-sufficient.
As a wedding planner, one of my jobs is to not let the bride know that anything has gone unexpectedly. As a bridesmaid, that is also part of your role. You pick up your dress and it is totally the wrong size? No need to bother the bride–take it for alterations and make it look the best you can. The makeup artist or hair stylist the bride chose botched your look? Sneak away with another bridesmaid and touch it up the best you can but don’t make a big deal about it to the bride.

I hope these tips have helped you to be the best bridesmaid you can be! Did we forget something? Post your suggestions in the comments below. As always, Delvaux Wedding & Event Planning would love to help you on your big day! Contact us for more information: or (330) 770-7667.


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