12 Questions You Must Ask Before Blocking Hotel Rooms for Your Wedding

If you have quite a few family and friends coming from out of town for your wedding, it may be worth looking into blocking off a specific number of hotel rooms. This can be a daunting task causing you to wait until just before the invitations are ready to go out. So, where do you start? Relax–we’ve got you covered!

Bride and Groom - Scottish Rite Cathedral in New Castle, PA

After you research local hotels’ reviews and ratings and you are able to narrow it down to a few hotels, we suggest asking the following questions:

  1. Do you require any type of deposit from us and is it refundable?
  2. Is there a minimum number of rooms we have to block?
  3. What would be the cutoff date for our guests to book with you?
  4. Will reservations be accepted after the cutoff date at your discounted rates as long as there is availability?
  5. Can guests extend their stay at the discounted rate if they want to stay more than the night of the wedding?
  6. How will you update us on who has reserved rooms?
  7. Do you have an online code for our guests to use in order to receive the group rate or do they have to call the hotel directly?
  8. Can we add more rooms at the same discount if we fill up our block early?
  9. What is your cancellation policy for a block of rooms?
  10. Will we be responsible for filling a certain percentage of the block of rooms regardless of how many guests book? (You may get stuck paying the difference for the un-booked rooms at some hotels.)
  11. Is there a charge for you to distribute welcome bags to each of our guests as they check in?
  12. Is shuttle service provided for guests and can we pay for that in advance, if needed or desired?

The best place to start with most hotels is with the sales department. This will most likely give you the best negotiating power and, therefore, the best price. And don’t be afraid to ask about the hotel including free breakfast vouchers for your guests, especially if you will not be holding a brunch the next morning because you will already be on your way to your honeymoon destination! 🙂

We hope this will help you to mark off one more task on your ever-growing wedding checklist. If you need additional help with your wedding or other event, contact Delvaux Wedding & Event Planning at Kristen@DelvauxWeddings.com or (330) 770-7667. Or feel free to leave additional questions or comments below.