I Do Wednesday: Children in the Bridal Party but not at the Reception

Photo by Photography by Dave and Chrissy.

Photo by Photography by Dave and Chrissy.

For our first #IDoWEDnesday question, we were asked, “Is it okay to have children as part of the bridal party if you are not inviting children, in general, to the reception?”

Most of the time, children chosen as the flower girl and ring bearer are members of the immediate family, so it’s likely they would be part of the few children who attend even an adult only wedding reception.

If the children in the wedding party are cousins or friend’s children, things get a little more tricky. While there is no rule stating you have to include them at the reception, it would be the considerate thing to do. Most parents would probably have a hard time explaining to their kids why they don’t get to go to the fun party to celebrate after all of their hard work at the rehearsal and ceremony. If you’re adamant on having absolutely no children at the wedding reception, you can either not include them in the wedding party or provide child care for them.

We hope this helps!

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