I Do Wednesday: How to Make Your Wedding or Party Stand Out

Our question this week for #IDoWEDnesday comes from Danielle. She asked, “What is one unique, relatively inexpensive thing to do to make a wedding/party stand out from other weddings/parties?”

That is a great question! No one wants their wedding or event to just blur into all the others in their guests’ minds. A signature cocktail with a fun name is a good way to stand out in a crowd full of parties. There will be no extra cost for this as long as you already planned on serving alcohol and you choose a drink that includes common ingredients found at a bar. Most venues will love the idea and be more than willing to accommodate this request.

If you’re having trouble narrowing down which drink(s) should be your signature cocktail(s), start with what you (or the guest of honor) like to drink. It’s always fun to match the color of the drink to the party’s theme too. If you’re still having trouble narrowing down what to serve, ask the head bartender at your venue to help you come up with something. Then it’s all about giving it a cute name. For a wedding, try incorporating your new last name. If that’s too challenging, go for a more simple drink name like, “Something Blue” or “The Perfect Pear.”

Here’s an example of a signature cocktail we did for the Springfield Local Tigers class reunion…

Signature Cocktail

Signature Cocktail Sign

Are you planning a signature drink for your next event? Tell us all about it in the comments below! You can also submit your #IIDoWEDnesday questions using the hashtag on social media or email us at Kristen@DelvauxWeddings.com.