What do you Think of When you Hear ‘Wedding Planner’?

aRick and Jessica April 5th 2014 205

Photo by Photography by Dave and Chrissy

I just read a post by an individual in a local, public, wedding forum that seriously made me sad. He felt the need to make a post not to sell something or to get a vendor recommendation. His sole purpose of his post was to give one piece of advice for anyone planning their wedding day–to stay away from wedding planners.

He eventually apologized for the blanket statement after myself and several others defended ourselves, but it got me thinking, ‘Is this how most people feel about wedding planners?’

No, I am not some stranger there on your wedding day telling you what to do. I’m not in this industry just to make a buck by charging hidden fees. And I’m sincere when I say I don’t want you to have to rely on anyone else because I really do want everyone to enjoy the big day.

Anyone who has met me knows how seriously I take each and every wedding. I am there to make YOUR wedding day as stress-free as possible–and not just for you, but for your family, friends and vendors. In the end, I’m emotionally invested in your big day and want it to be exactly how you picture it.

Maybe you are like the man mentioned about and have met or worked with a wedding planner that didn’t have the best at heart for their brides and grooms. I would love to change your mind! For a free initial consultation, call (330) 770-7667 or email Kristen@DelvauxWeddings.com.