I Do Wednesday: How Much Alcohol to Buy for My Wedding

This week’s #IDoWEDnesday question is one I get a lot: How much alcohol should I buy for my wedding?

Alcohol for Wedding

Plan on 2 drinks per guest for the first hour and 1 drink per guest for each hour after that.

You can assume the following for servings:

4 servings/wine bottle
18 servings/liquor
1 serving of beer = 1 bottle OR 165 servings/keg

You’ll then want to break down the percentages of what you think guests will consume most of–a suggested ratio is:

50% wine
20% beer
30% liquor

BUT you know your guests and their tastes better than I, so you may need to tweak these ratios accordingly.

I hope you find this helpful! If you are looking for expert help with your wedding, contact Delvaux Wedding & Event Planning by emailing Kristen@DelvauxWeddings.com or by calling or texting (330) 770-7667.


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