I Do Wednesday: How Much Alcohol to Buy for My Wedding

This week’s #IDoWEDnesday question is one I get a lot: How much alcohol should I buy for my wedding?

Alcohol for Wedding

Plan on 2 drinks per guest for the first hour and 1 drink per guest for each hour after that.

You can assume the following for servings:

4 servings/wine bottle
18 servings/liquor
1 serving of beer = 1 bottle OR 165 servings/keg

You’ll then want to break down the percentages of what you think guests will consume most of–a suggested ratio is:

50% wine
20% beer
30% liquor

BUT you know your guests and their tastes better than I, so you may need to tweak these ratios accordingly.

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What do you Think of When you Hear ‘Wedding Planner’?

aRick and Jessica April 5th 2014 205

Photo by Photography by Dave and Chrissy

I just read a post by an individual in a local, public, wedding forum that seriously made me sad. He felt the need to make a post not to sell something or to get a vendor recommendation. His sole purpose of his post was to give one piece of advice for anyone planning their wedding day–to stay away from wedding planners.

He eventually apologized for the blanket statement after myself and several others defended ourselves, but it got me thinking, ‘Is this how most people feel about wedding planners?’

No, I am not some stranger there on your wedding day telling you what to do. I’m not in this industry just to make a buck by charging hidden fees. And I’m sincere when I say I don’t want you to have to rely on anyone else because I really do want everyone to enjoy the big day.

Anyone who has met me knows how seriously I take each and every wedding. I am there to make YOUR wedding day as stress-free as possible–and not just for you, but for your family, friends and vendors. In the end, I’m emotionally invested in your big day and want it to be exactly how you picture it.

Maybe you are like the man mentioned about and have met or worked with a wedding planner that didn’t have the best at heart for their brides and grooms. I would love to change your mind! For a free initial consultation, call (330) 770-7667 or email Kristen@DelvauxWeddings.com.


I Do Wednesday: How Much to Give as a Wedding Gift

Our #IDoWEDnesday question this week is, “How much should a person spend on a wedding gift?”

Rustic Card Box and Guest Book

Despite what you may have heard, there is no exact rule or formula for the amount you should give as a wedding gift. However, there are some factors to consider:

1. What you can afford

2. How close you are to the bride and/or groom

3. The number of people in your party attending the wedding

4. The location of the wedding (ie: NYC versus Youngstown)

According to TheKnot.com, a general guideline is:

  • Coworker and/or distant family friend or relative: $50-$75
  • Relative or friend: $75-$100
  • Close relative or close friend: $100-$150
  • Urbanite: $150-$200+

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I Do Wednesday: How to Make Your Wedding or Party Stand Out

Our question this week for #IDoWEDnesday comes from Danielle. She asked, “What is one unique, relatively inexpensive thing to do to make a wedding/party stand out from other weddings/parties?”

That is a great question! No one wants their wedding or event to just blur into all the others in their guests’ minds. A signature cocktail with a fun name is a good way to stand out in a crowd full of parties. There will be no extra cost for this as long as you already planned on serving alcohol and you choose a drink that includes common ingredients found at a bar. Most venues will love the idea and be more than willing to accommodate this request.

If you’re having trouble narrowing down which drink(s) should be your signature cocktail(s), start with what you (or the guest of honor) like to drink. It’s always fun to match the color of the drink to the party’s theme too. If you’re still having trouble narrowing down what to serve, ask the head bartender at your venue to help you come up with something. Then it’s all about giving it a cute name. For a wedding, try incorporating your new last name. If that’s too challenging, go for a more simple drink name like, “Something Blue” or “The Perfect Pear.”

Here’s an example of a signature cocktail we did for the Springfield Local Tigers class reunion…

Signature Cocktail

Signature Cocktail Sign

Are you planning a signature drink for your next event? Tell us all about it in the comments below! You can also submit your #IIDoWEDnesday questions using the hashtag on social media or email us at Kristen@DelvauxWeddings.com.

I Do Wednesday: Children in the Bridal Party but not at the Reception

Photo by Photography by Dave and Chrissy.

Photo by Photography by Dave and Chrissy.

For our first #IDoWEDnesday question, we were asked, “Is it okay to have children as part of the bridal party if you are not inviting children, in general, to the reception?”

Most of the time, children chosen as the flower girl and ring bearer are members of the immediate family, so it’s likely they would be part of the few children who attend even an adult only wedding reception.

If the children in the wedding party are cousins or friend’s children, things get a little more tricky. While there is no rule stating you have to include them at the reception, it would be the considerate thing to do. Most parents would probably have a hard time explaining to their kids why they don’t get to go to the fun party to celebrate after all of their hard work at the rehearsal and ceremony. If you’re adamant on having absolutely no children at the wedding reception, you can either not include them in the wedding party or provide child care for them.

We hope this helps!

If you have your own question for a wedding or event you’re planning, submit it via social media using #IDoWEDnesday or email it to Kristen @DelvauxWeddings. Please specify if you would like to remain anonymous once your question is featured.

ELKAphoto Session of Our Baby Boy

Last month, my life changed forever. I gave birth to our first born–a son we named Crosby. Labor and delivery was amazing. It went as well as I had prayed it would and I know God was with my husband and I during that time. Speaking of my husband–he was the best support person I could have asked for, and is more so even now as we are learning to be parents together.

A week after Crosby was born, we had the pleasure of Lindsey of ELKAphoto come to our home and capture photos of our little one, my husband and I. Lindsey was so good with Crosby and definitely patient! 🙂


We think he’s pretty great!


And my hubby is a natural with a newborn!


Look at that precious face.


This is one of my faves.


I’m still amazed that he’s here and I’m a mom!


I could stare at him for days with all his funny faces and cute noises.


He did well testing out his crib for the first time.


He looks so peaceful!


Wardrobe change!


I just couldn’t resist this crocheted set–a hard hat, work boots and pants that I found on Etsy…


Unfortunately, Crosby wasn’t feeling it! I tried to tell him Daddy has a hard hat and work boots too, but he didn’t care. 🙂


We call this “The Moses” 🙂


He actually hated being on his back and in the basket, but somehow Lindsey worked her magic and got another amazing photo.


One of his favorite places to be–Daddy’s arms.


Don’t you just want to cuddle him?


Our happy family 🙂


I love the lighting of this photo. Crosby was ready to call it a day and get back to eating and sleeping.

And here’s a few shots of the nursery…


I was so inspired by out gender reveal party decor that we decided to make our own ceiling mobile using paper lanterns and a paper star. Pretty sure my husband was annoyed with me when I was guiding him on hanging each one–but it was so worth it, right? He also painted the entire room, including the stripes. God bless him. He did such an amazing job!


We also made our own wall art. We paid for the high resolution files from Etsy and then had a local sign designer, DB Signs & Designs, print them on banner material. My hubby pulled them over stretch bars and stapled them. They were about a quarter of the price of ordering them already made on Etsy!


Our little shelf is perfect to display the books from our baby shower, some toys and decorative pieces.

It’s obvious Lindsey of ELKAphoto is great at what she does and lucky for you she also does wedding photos! Be sure to visit her website to see more of her portfolio and to learn more about her company. Or you can reach her directly at (440) 897-1437.

12 Questions You Must Ask Before Blocking Hotel Rooms for Your Wedding

If you have quite a few family and friends coming from out of town for your wedding, it may be worth looking into blocking off a specific number of hotel rooms. This can be a daunting task causing you to wait until just before the invitations are ready to go out. So, where do you start? Relax–we’ve got you covered!

Bride and Groom - Scottish Rite Cathedral in New Castle, PA

After you research local hotels’ reviews and ratings and you are able to narrow it down to a few hotels, we suggest asking the following questions:

  1. Do you require any type of deposit from us and is it refundable?
  2. Is there a minimum number of rooms we have to block?
  3. What would be the cutoff date for our guests to book with you?
  4. Will reservations be accepted after the cutoff date at your discounted rates as long as there is availability?
  5. Can guests extend their stay at the discounted rate if they want to stay more than the night of the wedding?
  6. How will you update us on who has reserved rooms?
  7. Do you have an online code for our guests to use in order to receive the group rate or do they have to call the hotel directly?
  8. Can we add more rooms at the same discount if we fill up our block early?
  9. What is your cancellation policy for a block of rooms?
  10. Will we be responsible for filling a certain percentage of the block of rooms regardless of how many guests book? (You may get stuck paying the difference for the un-booked rooms at some hotels.)
  11. Is there a charge for you to distribute welcome bags to each of our guests as they check in?
  12. Is shuttle service provided for guests and can we pay for that in advance, if needed or desired?

The best place to start with most hotels is with the sales department. This will most likely give you the best negotiating power and, therefore, the best price. And don’t be afraid to ask about the hotel including free breakfast vouchers for your guests, especially if you will not be holding a brunch the next morning because you will already be on your way to your honeymoon destination! 🙂

We hope this will help you to mark off one more task on your ever-growing wedding checklist. If you need additional help with your wedding or other event, contact Delvaux Wedding & Event Planning at Kristen@DelvauxWeddings.com or (330) 770-7667. Or feel free to leave additional questions or comments below.